I am powerless over alcohol and my life has become unmanageable.”

I’m a firm believer that I have always been powerless over alcohol and my life has always been unmanageable by me.

I was warned my entire childhood that alcohol could very well be detrimental to me. Even with that knowledge I insisted on taking my first drink. (Now that I think of it, I may have taken my first drink the year my father died.)

My father was an alcoholic and died from the disease of alcohlism. I continued drinking, believing alcohol was actually a magical medication for me that was unknown to others.

Without acknowledging, believing, trusting, having faith in the great spirit called God, and down right denouncing such a thing existed, I was living life haphazardly.

As I come to believe and surrender to the Greatest Love of All 😏 I’m shown that there is little for me to do while God continues to create, relate, and direct the ebb and flow of life. We enter and exit relationships, jobs, homes, etc. When done with God consciousness I am able to have peace within. The drink I believed was my elixir is no longer necessary and is revieled as it’s true identity… ☠️ POISON ☠️.

Life is Beautiful. -Warner Bailey


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  1. I am so glad I found your post. Bravo to you for surrendering to this maddening and cunning disease. I, too, am a grateful recovering alcoholic. (nearly 7 years sober) I Drank when I knew it was in my family. Looking back, I know I wanted to “Show them!!” and prove that I didn’t “catch” the disease. I was warned, just like you, but the warning was presented with fear. Today, I have 3 children and they know I don’t drink but I have never told them why. I asked my sponsor her advice on how to tell them. I liked what she said, but I am not sure the timing is right. If you could go back in time, what would have been a better way to be told about alcoholism in your family?

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    1. I’m so glad you found me as well! And what a wonderful comment to read on my 98th day of sobriety. Thank you God for the past 7 years of your life.
      I’ve pondered this same question about how or if alcoholism could have been explained differently to me, maybe to save me from the hellish experiences I’ve had. A lot of times I think that if AA had been introduced to me earlier I may have been spared many bottoms. I would usually think back on people sharing that they grew up in AA and they still went through the experiences that eventually brought them to a place of absolute surrender and I would think that I had to have the life I did the way it was to become truly free. But not until I drank again after over 2 years did I come to believe that there was no better way to be told about alcoholism than my Mother warning me not to ever take a drink to eliminate the possibilities of what could follow. Even this last Relaps seems to have been necessary in order for me to learn some things I can use to grow. Just like everything else, I believe you’ll say what needs to be said to your children exactly when and how you’re supposed to, through wisdom, guidance from your sponsor, and spiritual power.
      Well that was wordy. Hahaha!


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