Many times, my life has felt like a movie. Any genre of film would be fitting… I mean ANY.

I have yet to find that sweet spot of writing where I have been consistent, even if my consistency doesn’t look like others, I want to be satisfied knowing that I delivered quality reading material to the world whether it be once a week or 4 times a year.

In between my rants and raves to you, I have these awesome ideas that would make for an abundance of writing material and a clear shot at success. I even went as far as staging the material in my head many times.

I have ideas of how I think I could write this blog post right now make an epic tale a turning point in my writing career but I now see this as a sad tale with what looks like an unhappy end.

I have less time to write this than I thought. If I can, I will add to this post another time. If this is the last I get to write, I hope that you come to understand.

“Life Sucks and is so Beautiful.” – Warner Bailey

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